Monday, September 26, 2005

Dream: Golum, Greed and Acceptance

So the setting was back at my child hood home. The denial was Golum, he that represents greed, one of the seven deadly sins. Greed, that which = attachment. I locked my greed, golum the visual representation of it, to the sink downstairs. He got away, he came at me with a weapon. I took it from him. I struck at him with all the intention he had to strike at me. Then I ran his body down to the curb and threw out the trash. But he could still come back to me, my greed which I thought myself done with those many years ago can always show me a reflection I do not want to see. Mother was protecting me here from myself, she dealt with responsibility that was not her's. Greed only seeks acceptance, there are fragments within greed that seek to move and be transformed/integrated into the type of being I dream myself to be. The remainder of that greed must be moved enough to follow along its own destiney path and not stay here, suffocating and denied. I'll face my greed soon enough, and with loving acceptance process what needs to be done.

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