Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Observation: Enamored with the Glamor of Attention

I had a very lovely conversation last night with a close friend of mine. It had mainly to do with Love and relationships. You'll note from a previous post I have been searching for a means to approach love differently.

Her premise, which I am a believer in, is that people really fall in love with the attention that others are paying to them. Now being a male I interpret that to be more that they are in love with the idea of being in love, but the attention is the expression of that idea. Her theory is that people jump into things too fast, I can relate as many a time in the past I have attempted to move too swiftly with the ladies as opposed to letting things run their course. Now this concept has HUGE ramifications for appropriate approaches to relationships. Its kind of almost like they go back in time to when people took things slowly. This represents a huge challenge given the sexual undertones of todays society. (Don't get me wrong I enjoy sexual undertones) For one thing the concept of just fooling around gets pushed way back on the timing progression and sex in and of itself once again becomes a big deal, not just par for the course.

True understanding of this concept can bring about lots of mutually beneficial relationships. In actuality it will save several BAD relationships from progressing any further.

So words of wisdom from this perspective would be to take things slowly. Let them progress, and get to know one another for who you each are.

Getting to truly know a person and testing the waters to see if you can love the person, not just the attention they pay you, now that is a test of love.

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Travis J. Morgan said...

True love is selfless.

H~ said...

I would tend to agree with you. But then what is in love with whom...