Thursday, September 08, 2005

Observation: On Seeking Wisdom

So in my search for knowledge and experience, (Wisdom) I find myself digging into ancient sources of information, of knowledge. The typical teachings of modern day life, (increase revenue, decrease costs) no longer spark my interest, though I may play well in them. I find myself going back to information that has been handed down since ancient Egypt and as such I begin my journey back to rediscover knowledge which I previously treaded upon.

I've had a dream where I am burried in an Egyptian pyramid, at least one past life lived there.

And so in rediscovering that information which now seems timeless, I will be able to integrate it with several life times worth of experience. And, in doing so the wisdom I seek shall be an ongoing process of establishment.

But what point of sought wisdom is there, if I cannot share with others who shall follow after me.

And so in the future I shall serve as a repository, for those who seek answers to questions, that will lead to broader horizons, and more questions ;-)

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