Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dream and Observation: Ka Yoga

Alright so pieces of my past and present lives are starting to fall in place. A dream I had some time ago I was taking instruction on Ka Yoga. Now up to recently I have had no clue as to what Ka Yoga might be, I practice Kundalini yoga which focuses on the chakras and raising the energies up the spine so that Shiva can meet with Shakti with balance in the heart center. But Ka Yoga, had never heard of it. Yet in my prior dream I recall myself in Egypt, in a Pyramid, dead, or at least thinking I am dead. So that places me in Egypt. And in some Egyptian text there are references to Ka, which I believe is a God or path of worship. Anyhoot in my yoga training they always say focus on Sat Nam, True Identity. However, I always find my mind wandering off on the mind chatter that fills my day. Only recently I have been noticing where Emotion has been stored in my body. And some postures, or asanas seem to have me focus more on specific emotions. I have been looking for a healthy emotional expression for some time in my new scientific work and I have a theory that Ka Yoga can help identify trapped emotions and release it. Ka Yoga would simply be Kundalini with the added emphasis on the emotional release, with roots back to Egypt. I'll keep researching and let ya know.

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