Friday, June 09, 2006

Observation: Esoteric Astrology, Scorpio & Beyond

Hi folks,

Sorry to have been gone for a while, I had some things to focus on in my day job. But really this is my day job, observing experiences in life.

Any hoot, I went to a great workshop with my lovely lady yesterday.

Esoteric Astrology presented by William Meader. You can get some great info on William Meader and Esoteric Astrology by clicking this link.

William had a wealth of great knowledge to share, and in an 8 hour time frame he could only touch the tip of the ice berg of what is possible for him.

Now I could blog on for pages about the great info we learned from William, but I will keep this post some what focused on the key take aways.

1. Next to ones sun sign there are 2 other primary signs of interest, the Moon and Ascendant Sign
2. Moon sign represents the past, as well as an challenge to be overcome after the age of 35, the Sun Sign represents your present (probabiligy), the Ascendant represents the future (possibility)
3. There is a traditional view of Astrology and an Esoteric view, or occult view.

Now I am a Scorpio, which means that in this life time I must face my darkest shadow before I can become victorious. It is said that the work of Scorpio is Consumated in Capercorn (thanks William)

Now that being said my ascendant sign has to do with the Ray of Business and Economy in William's terms or the 3rd Ray. A potential down fall of the personality in this ray has to do with personal achievement. This makes me all the more mindful of what to be cautious of post 35 years of age :-)

No shadow can remain on the final leg of ascension

Now William did scratched the surface on the 12 Houses as well and I can't wait to dig up some more info on those!

I will be continuing my discoveries of Esoteric Astrology and will keep ya posted ;-)

Hat tip to The Tibetan and the Master's for their wisdom on astrology.

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