Sunday, June 25, 2006

Observation: Atlantean Technology can be fun; Guardian Medallion ®

I happened upon an atlantean technology that I have not experienced, until today, in this life time. When I was hiking in Sedona earlier this year I just so happened to fall coming down from Cathedrall Rock. I injured my tendon in my right hand along the ring finger very badly.

Now this was back in January and my tendon was still hurting till this day...

While attending a festival at Earth Song today I happened across a booth that caught my attention with the words...

Atlantean Technology

I thought, WOW cool, ever since I began this blog I have felt a connection to Atlantis. I'll extract this connection more and more upon My journey in this container. (the words Heir to Atlantis, once ran cross my mind while meditating)

So I decided to learn more. It turns out the the couple had several tools that utilized Atlantis Technology. Now me being the scientist that I am said, where did the Atlantis Technology come from? (Last I checked it was believed Atlantis was under the sea, I suspect it left an etheric imprint as well upon its demise)

They explained that the Technology was channeled by an Ascended Master Lantos who gave insturctions on Genesis energy.

Anyhoot after a 2 minute explaination, I was sold. I was given a 15 minute session using the BioOscillator® the Flame of Genesis® and the wand of Gensis. After my session my injured tendon felt and feels remarkable. My girlfriend is a little skeptical, but via direct experimentation I can attest to the ability of these tools assisting in my healing.

I was hooked so I purchased a Guardian Medallion® as well. The medallion works to purify elements, I really enjoy wearing it around my neck.

Needless to say I'll be doing some additional research into Master Lantos and the Atlantean Technology.

Stay tuned and we can see what remains to be uncovered from the lost city of Atlantis

(Disclaimer: please note that it is theorized that the city of Atlantis was over come when humanity began to abuse the use of energy they had come to master. The mass of the population ignored the warnings and didn't listen to their heart centers, or their Wills. It is my deepest desire to bring back the energies of that time in a manner that is responsible for the betterment of humanity as a whole)

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Anonymous said...

I totally beleive you. I've been interested in Atlantis mythos for a long time. I am apalled at the Egyptain goverments attempts to suppress this knowledge.