Sunday, April 10, 2005

Dream: Big Ass Fish, Giant Teeth

I recall getting called up into rank. Only thing is that I don't seem to get approval from those around me. I really don't understand what is happening so that doesn't help things at this time either.

The rest of the troops are African American and other dark skinned folk, I may be the only one in this group that is part white.

I end up in the rear of the formation

We all link up and are connected, yet the point of connection to me runs through my previously wounded left ring finger.

On our tops we carry equipment to keep us invisible to others.

We are in gold fish formation, so we look like a gold fish, though I didn't realize this till a later time.

Going along flying is extremely hot. We are flying ontop of molten lava with red firey brick and bars on all sides.

I see my child hood best friend. I haven't seen him in years. He is down on the brick unable to go on. He hands me something. I pendant I think. He cannot go on, but he will be okay, so we fly on..

We are flying through a Dragons hoard of riches, mountain upon mountain of gold, treasure.

There is a Big Ass Fish flying above us. But perhaps it is a Dragon.

Our defense keeps us invisible to the Big Ass Fish that has Giant Teeth.

I get scared, I see a blaster in the riches and pick it up. Then I fire at the Big Ass Fish with gigantic teeth.

So now it comes after us (Nice move H~)

Now I panic and in doing so I realize that the injured finger that is connecting us is causing me more pain, holding me back, so I release it.

Formation breaks

Everyone scatters trying to get out through inescapbale bars.

And the Big Ass Fish comes flying in

I turn around to face him


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