Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Perspective: Grounding to release pains of old

On the journey towards the light body, the most profound element for me has been the ability to ground. Being present in the moment, one with nature and the Earth has fantastic benefits.

Deep, deep roots planted firmly throughout the soil. Its a great gift to receive.

And in my journey, while I dream, I have been able to move regrets from the past. I have never liked regretting things, it always seemed like such a negative action.

"I wish I would have done..."

What's done is done and dwelling on it is not beneficial. However, I didn't realize I had so many regrets that were buried deep down causing emotional and spiritual blockages. So recently in my dreams I have been facing those regrets. And in doing so have been passing them through my system so they no longer cloud my being. I release my regrets and in doing so I shall become more free.

Feet firmly planted on the ground with my head sky high in the air

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