Saturday, April 30, 2005

Observation: On Boundaries

In a journey for growth and well being one eventually must deal with boundaries. What are the purposes of boundaries? Are not limits meant to be tested?

Well, yes and no.

Some boundaries must be tested and broken. They were only temporary. Others...

It really comes down to a certain amount of faith. Faith that certain boundaries are in place in order to protect us from experiences we need not encounter, nor would understand.
So how does the curious mind go on with these
1. It ceases to be drawn to them
2. Upon encountering them it says, that is beyond the purpose of my experience and I shall move along

Using these two points as references one will indeed be able to see that within the boundaries that are in place, there is an infinite amount of detail, splendor, and other boundaries that can be overcome.

It's a matter of faith though, faith that these boundaries truly are in our best interest. Regardless of what you believe in, faith that the boundaries are set for our best interest is all that is required.

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