Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dream Lessons from Mother

It was the oddest thing, I'm in a class room full of people taking notes. The lesson kind of went right over my head through, but at the end of class I stayed to help pick things up. And there was my brother Nick, hmm,

hey wait, my Mother was giving the lesson plan.

It was the same lessons she had been givin us for all of our lives, so we kind of rolled our eyes about it, but the lessons still stuck with us. Unlike the others who left early.

And then a warning, to beware of Skeltons. What ever that means. To me a skelton is a mindless, creature with no meat to them, but still kind of creepy.

beware of skeltons,

perhaps those other folks should have listened to my mother???

1 comment:

Interpreter said...

Perhaps folks should listen to the "little them" that resides in the pit of their stomach.

The little man/woman knows all. Mother's are excellent at helping us listen to them.

Go Mother's!