Friday, May 27, 2005

Perspective: Definition of a Jedi

How does one define a Jedi?

I love Star Wars, thing is I think that the way ones describes a Jedi is the way people would like to describe themselves

Well Being

(Light side Jedi's of coures)

Thing is all people are magical, they just don't truly believe in thier magic. I even believe in that which flows through me. (The force, I do not control it, The Force flows through me) And I have only begun to achieve the magic that I belive in.

So, if a Jedi is recognized as being these things, can one who defined the term Jedi in the first place take action against said person? They are simple descriptions of what that person represents and they just happen to align with the term Jedi.

They never went back far enough to tell us who the first human Jedi are.

I wonder back to what time frame they went??

Then again analysis of time, and its esencelessness, always leaves many questions...

once again ... means dramatic effect


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