Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Observation: Third Chakra

Third Chakra

I figure I should give readers an opportunity to get up to speed on some energy systems. I'll have a recap of all seven chakras at a later post, but allow this to be my first one dedicated to the Third Chakra.

That's right let's start with number 3.

The Third Chakra is dedicated to personal power. Self enduced empowerment is the perspective I like to have on it.

I did a third chakra Kundalini Yoga kriya this morning to empower myself. The third chakra is key for an individuals ability to project their will into reality. Anytime you are feelin down and helpless some third chakra work is good to do.

It is also the chakra of combustion and fire. The fire, drive and determination to realize the power we all have.

The Third Chakra rocks!



Interpreter said...

How do you tap into the power of the 3rd chakra?

H~ said...

that's a great question. One means is to do the third chakra yoga kriya's for at least a week solid.

Another means would be some positive reinforcements to the self of what you are capable of.

All are capable of a great many things, it's removing doubt and believing in ones self that is important.