Saturday, May 07, 2005

Observation: Light Body Phase 1

I thought I'd give a brief overview of the energy centers that are built up on the first Phase of awakening the Light Body.

We are entering phase 1 of my evil plan, or is it one anyway I don't do phases

Dr. Evil

So phase 1 is all about grounding and building your power base. As mentioned in previous posts grounding is essential here.

okay so they call it Levels 1 Light Body, but phases sounds so much cooler.

The first step involves some visuallization of establishing solid roots into the mother earth. Grounding is such a great skill, if more folks were grounded the insecurities of the world would lessen and all would be more comfortable in their skin.

The first three energy centers are

1. Nu'a
2. Dinia
3. Leow

Nu'a can be likened to the 1st chakra, except the visuallization is that of a cone at the base that goes down into the earth to gather up energey

Dinia, would be around the area of the 2nd Chakra, but on the sides of the bodies instead of at the center. My guess is that these lie on the nadis paths that intertwine on the outside of the Sushumna.

Leow is much the same as the 3rd Chakra.

I have very much so enjoyed my meditations in Phase 1 to awaken my light body. I even experienced a self enduced Logic Bomb, if you have experienced it before then you know what I am talking about. (Direct Experience is key)

Light Body training

good times ~

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