Monday, March 21, 2005

Observation: Of a Scorpio


and so my horoscope dictates direction to be had--

Everyone knows how fond you are of your behind-the-scenes work. You operate best when you're quite literally pulling the strings from the wings. But right about now, you may be asked to take center stage -- which, obviously, can't be done from behind a curtain. So don't fight it. It's your turn to shine, that's all. You're the star of your own show. Revel in it

Ahh Scorpios, ever vested in creation and destruction, sex and death. Yet with them potential to regenerate imagine the good.

Time to shine.


Interpreter said...

And mine - as a Libra:

It's not your imagination. Everyone around you really is especially stubborn and far less willing to listen to other opinions than usual. This means that you, as the heavens' naturally-appointed Cruise Director, have your work cut out for you.

Yet again.

Interpreter said...

Your take on a Cruise Director? Personally don't believe I'm ready for that yet.

H~ said...

Cruise director, hmm

perhaps you are to break down the walls of thier reality, by takin them through an awakening cruise??

they are stubborn though aren't they, as am I.

I wouldn't focus on the cruise director, I would focus on your work cut out for you.

Interpreter said...

The work hasn't been laid out yet. Unless it has and I don't see it.

H~ said...

what have we been..

the complete journey of the work, perhaps, but you are well aware and can see the first steps you must tak