Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Perspective: I feel happy

I woke up, did some Kundalini yoga, and felt really good today.

On the way into work, jamin to the radio I remember just smilin and laughin.

But any day can be just as today, it all just had to do with my perspective on how I felt. Then again, if one works to deconstruct that "I" what was it that felt really good today??

Not sure, but at least that reaffirms that it should be easy for something one cannot truly grasp to feel any way that thing, which is un-understandable, wants to fell.

If we remove the I, what is there to be happy? If we remove the I, why can't I be happy?

I happy

Non-I happy

Happy is Happy

I, which is non-existant, can choose in this plan to be as I may. Happy is a best practice in free will :-)

happy happy :-)


Jesster said...

A good day is precious...hope you enjoyed it!

H~ said...

Thank you, I did enjoy it.

All days are precious, may we all enjoy them~