Thursday, April 06, 2006

Perspective: Etheric Body of Humanity

Doin some reading from some ageless wisdom, what's so great about this wisdom is that it is wisdome regardless of what age one is in ;-)

Discileship in the New Age speaks of the entire etheric body of humanity and often times compages it to a "Web of Ethers." Now from an internet perspective a Web of ether is very interesting.

Essentially all of humanity makes the sum total of this energetic web. Anytime one interacts with others that interaction is realized in the etheric web. I suspect that within the ether web, (I would say etherNet but given Cat 5 cable it would lose meaning) there are centers of force and energy that are Hubs and centers of force and energy that are authorities. A hub has many many rays of energy coming into it from across the etherweb of humanity. And an authority has many many energetic connections going out throughout the ether web of humanity. Of course some centers become hubs and authorities of etheric force.

Over time, lifetimes that is, this would become quite the interesting map of lines of force. I wonder what exists on the spiritual plan to simulate this...

Earthly manifestation tends to be a representation of that which has been achieved on the inner side...


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