Friday, May 12, 2006

Perspective: Celestine Prophecy- Evolution

The book The Celestine Prophecy give an interesting view on just how humanity as a whole has evolved over the past milenium and why it is that we operate the way we do.

Essentially it says for a long period of time man was ruled by the churchmen, and through them we had a relationship with the Divine. Things occured in that day and age because either good will from God or poor occurances due to the devil.

As the legitimacy of the churchmen became corrupt, people were searching for more reasons as to "Why" the purpose of existence. In this search for purpose men decided to explore the world through scientific exploration. And from that process we have grown to improving our own qualities of life.

However, we have- for the most part- had yet to discover that which we have first sought out to seek, purpose in a closer relationship to the divine.

We substituted science.

And now it is time for science and religion to come together.

This is just one of my perspectives on The Celestine Prophecy there are more to come and I oh so enjoy the book.

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