Sunday, July 30, 2006

Observation: Crystology Faden & Laser Wand Teachings from Akeeya & Yvette

Crystology via Akeeya and Yvette

The love of my life and I spent a fabulous evening this past Friday at Mimosa in Madison WI In my search to scientifically discover the divine spirit with in all, I saw an opportunity to begin my studies of the 1st Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom.

I am fortunate in that I have excellent access to rich spiritual study locations at Earth Song and Mimosa.

The instructions this time came through Akeeya and Yvette. Akeeya studied Crystology under Melody, who wrote several books on Crystology.

Akeeya and Yvette set the basics for a small class on how to work with Crystals. We coverd a ton of information in a small amount of time, so I'll recap as best I can.

1. Dedicating Crystals- after one has selected the proper crystal to work with, and you will know if a crystal is right for you to work with by sensing if its vibration ressonates with you. It is proper form to decicate the crystal towards its purpose and towards healing.

2. Cleansing Crystals- one must cleanse their crystals every time they work with one. Akyeea taught us the "White Light" method of cleansing crystals. First off one needs to identify a specific area of the room to be used as a central transmutation point, a humming bowl or body of water works well for this. This area is then used to direct the blocked energy into so that it may transmutate back into the universal whole. To cleanse a crystal one must open up themselves to the divine light above via their crown chakra, then imagine beaming that light via the third eye to the crystal. This method of cleansing works on more than just crystals I suspect, that with practice one can use it very effectively for line of sight or distance healing especially if one is able to channel other types of energy, such as reiki.

I should note that while cleansing a set of crystals my darling and myself both placed the crystal intuitively in front of the Third Eye and Akeeya said that she"see that she is working with past Atlantean's and Lemurian's. I believe if these two groups of re-incarnates can work together successfully we shall see some much needed balance here on Earth.

3. Faden- the Faden is a specific type of crystal that enable healing sessions. One of which the practitioner places the crystal in the hands of the one to be healed. Then using the crystal as a channel one senses each charka of the individual for understandings of color and vibration. (I was told that a bright pink was growing in my heart, the love for my darling) There is much more one does with the Faden, but I'll leave you to experiment on your own.

4. Laser Wand- The laser wand is used to help balance the chakras of an individual and can be used to cleanse a room of impurities. Again this cleansing would focus the blocked energy into a transmutation center.

During the break I had Akeeya sense the vibration in my Guardian Medallion. She said that she felt a, I believe, Star Fox within it and that it allowed me to also act from my point on high.

I wear the hemitite stone around my heart center and as such she was able to pick up on one of my past lives: She said I was a Trojan soldier and that I was marching off to war. She said I was terrified of going to war, primarily because I had left my love back in Egypt.

I should probably also note that at one point during the discussion she stopped and said that I had an extremely strong wolf energy along with me. And that the wolf is nobel and stands up for what they believe in.

Anyhoot it was a great class, should you get the opportunity to train from a Melody teacher, I highly recommend it.

I look forward to working with Crystals in the future. Once I get through some more Esoteric Astrology reads, I have some home reading to do here as well.


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