Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chakras, Planets and Rays oh my

I have run across some conflicting points of view when it comes to Chakras and their corresponding Planets.

The Kundalini Yoga Experience, by Guru Dharan S. Khalso and Darryl O'Keeffe, Simon and Schuster, states the following Chakra Planet relations

1st Chakra- Root- Saturn
2nd Chakrs- Sacral- Moon
3rd Chakra- Power- Sun
4th Chakra- Heart- Venue
5th Chakra- Communication- Mercury
6th Chakra- Intuition- Jupiter
7th Chakra- Divine- Uranus

Alan Oken in Soul-Centered Astrology outlines them as follow:

1st Chakra- Root- Mercury, Moon (Ray of Harmony Through Conflict)
2nd Chakrs- Sacral- Uranus- (Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic)
3rd Chakra- Power- Mars, Neptune (Ray of Devotion and Idealism)
4th Chakra- Heart- Jupiter, Sun (Ray of Love & Wisdom)
5th Chakra- Communication- Saturn, Earth (Ray of Active Intelligence)
6th Chakra- Intuition- Venue (Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science)
7th Chakra- Divine- Vulcan, Pluto (Ray of Will/Power)

Now what is interesting about this discrepency is that it has implications to the Ray energies that are associated with each of the Chakras. The knowledge structures that formed these perspectives are both thousands of years old, probably older but with no written history.

I have a theory that the Yogis have a deeper understanding of the Charkras, and the Astrologers have a deeper understanding of the Planets and their Ray influences. I know doesn't tell ya much, but I would think Mercury would be the planet of the 5th Chakra, being communication and all.

Now these are both perspectives, it will be interesting for me to come to my own thoughts on how these interplay. Once I have a deeper understanding of the Rays I shall make my own interpretations of the charkras they primarily influence.


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