Sunday, March 26, 2006

Perspective: Kalki

The I am maker, has come across some interesting reads on Kalki. It was a rather interesting coincidence actually, I recently picked up a book on Hindu gods and read about the 10 incarnations of Vishnu, Krishna being the 8th incarnation and The Buddha being the 9th. (9 is my favorite number, yet I have the slightest suspicion that the Buddha was actually a Deciple of Krishna, Arjuna.

Anyhoot the 10th incarnation of Vishnu is to be Kalki. There is a fabulous perspective on the Avatar, from the Avatar.

I claim to be an Avatar. The Hindu scriptures are very clear as to who an Avatar is. You see, basically, it is like this: GOD per say can never be comprehended, can never be related to, other than through the manifesta-tions. Let us take the case of light as an example. We will go into a little bit of science. Suppose, a light ray was to pass through a vacuum tube, you are not going to see the light at all. So light as such can not be seen. But, if that light were to strike an object and come back to you, you see that object. Now, the question is, are you seeing that object or are you seeing the light. The photons do hit the object and they come back into your eyes, therefore we can say you are seeing light, you can also say you are seeing only the object. There is an ambience here. So, what stand can you take here? You really cannot take a stand. You can say, ?I am seeing light, yet I am not seeing light?. The same ap-proach applies to the understanding of an Avatar. When you are looking at an Avatar, you can say, ?I am seeing GOD; yet I am not seeing GOD?. Both are equally true. Like without light, you are not going to see anything at all, yet light itself cannot be seen.

Look how science and religion are coming together here. And what a brilliant analogy of Light compared to God. Now this really gets interesting if we run it through some Buddhist analysis. One cannot really take a stand because the inherent exisitence of the process of seeing is empty. Hat tip to Nagarjuna.

Here's a thought, Namaste, the divine in me aknowledges and pays tribute to the divine in you. (losely translated) So we are all little Avatars, just waiting to emerge. Deliver me. So what is so unique about the proclaimed Kalki???

Is the object of perception so divine it casts forth this view?

Are the receptors of perception extra sensitive to this light?

What of the vacuum tube? Is there a divine transferrence of light?

Interesting things to ponder on. One that transcends all things must be a part of, the light, the object, the reciever. A triad of sorts, and the triad of an Avatar is such that all 3 are one.

There are some interesting perspectives on Kalki as well. I particularly like the new age speculators about Kalki representing Maitreya Buddha. I especially like that he would herald the second coming of Christ.

Now provided that Kalki is from Shambala, it would make sense that Kalki is leading the way for his co-operator the Christ. With all these Light Bodies, allowing for the vibratory rate of humanity to increase, Kalki enligtenments it is a good be that Christ is right around the corner, mmm let's say about 6 years out. 2012 is going to be one great time in history. We must prepare.

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grasroutes said...

I was looking up kalki and saw your blog.

I tend to think that it is all symbolism... each of the avatars. So will kalki be. What could the white horse symbolise, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

It will be surprise for many.

Anonymous said...

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