Thursday, August 24, 2006

Observation: Mercury Scorpio 9th House Esoteric Astrology

Throughout the present interpretation of my Natal Chart, one will find a lot going on in the Scorpio Sign.

Mercury is another solar symbol of energies that just so happens to be in Scorpio and in the 9th House.

As is commonly understood Mercury is messenger of the gods.

The energy coming from Mercury is that of the 4th Ray (Harmony through Conflict) If Mercury represents a message or medium of communication then I would propose that the Ray of Harmony through Conflict expresses itself through Mercury in the form of messages. Messages that perhaps the current mass of humanity may not be ready to easily accept, but communicated they must be.

Since Mercury is in Scorpio the 4th Ray energies are accentuated.

Mercury also has a strong influence on the mind, from the mind messages are received, interpreted and sent forth. These mind messages, or thought forms are expressed in this manner.

Mercury..rules Scorpio from its highest focus of collective manifestation, the Hierarcical. A person with Mercury in Scorpio is very active in transforming people's mental energy...
(Alan Oken book cited)

When taking Mercury in the 9th House into consideration the appropriate lines of communication are put forth, Higher education, philosophy, religion, publishing.

Let's take a hypothesis on some interpretation. As messager for the gods the engergy of Mercury shall flow though me, in part, via the Ray of Harmony through Conflict, thus I shall communicate (publish) information around religion and philosophy that will cause conflict and through that conflict bring harmony.

hmm, sounds rather interesting.


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