Friday, November 17, 2006

Observation: 2012 info online

Ahh the great dates in 2012. I think it will be rather interesting as the year approaches how main stream the prophecies will be.

I have come across an interesting read of the Mayan Calandar

It states that there will be a new creation date on 21.12.2012

A Galatic alignment process could bring all sorts of interesting energies upon the earth.

A note on the Snake rattle as an alarm clock is interesting as well. Kundalini energy has often been correlated with a snake. And I interpret an alarm clock to call for some awakening.

And WOW the Hopi emergence claiming that we are the 4th era and emerging into the 5th is fantastic. The 4th root race of men transitions into the 5th via an alarm. How cool is it that the Hopi culture preserved this teaching.

Further discussion about Kundalini Yoga and 2012 are also cited here. I've spoken of 2012 here before It's also rather interesting that I am so passionate about Kundalini Yoga.

I'll keep reading the signs and communicating as best within my abilities, perhaps someday beyone My abilities.



Niina C said...

Everyone says something great is happening in this life time.
In 2012, perhaps.
I'm glad I was "approved" ;) for this life time.

Can I add your blog to my Links?

H~ said...

by all means you may add this blog to your links thanks for stoppin by

Sandra said...

I highly recommend the DVD Soul Masters. In a

fascinating way, it depens one's spiritual journey. At

the same time it shows how health can be improved.

It shows updated spiritual wisdom that is being

practiced in China today.

It also shows what Master Sha is taking from China to the world.

Anonymous said...

Source: =O=
The Message: Nearly two billion years ago, the Atman descended from Parabrahma Loka, the world of the Supreme God, to this world to experience the wonderful Creation of God, here. It found the body of an ape, the only vehicle to occupy, as those of others were extremely uncomfortable and hence it occupied the same.
The innumerable souls that entered the various bodies of apes found themselves in different and difficult situation. Therefore, they struggled hard with their Koshas (space suits) to improve or evolve their Physical, Mental and Intellectual bodies and also worked against the genetic effects. This kind of resistance to the animal nature was given by the Astral body regularly in all the lakhs of Births and thus it evolved the present human body.
The evolution of the Body, Mind and Intellect was also accelerated by other factors like the cyclic influences of the Four Yugas and the constant vigil and guidance of the Sapta Rishis, the seven great Rishis.
Just as we have the Spring season as the best of all seasons, so also the Satya Yuga is the best of all Yugas. One of the many cycles of the Four Yugas has closed recently and a new cycle has commenced from 14th April 1974. The earth and its inhabitants have once again entered the first and best of the Four Yugas.
The Rishis who are our Guides in our overall progress also help us by giving us the proper methods in our moral and Spiritual practices. They also keep watch over the climatic effects, world Karmas and do certain things from time to time to remove some obstacles and extreme sufferings and pain, to help our Karmas to work out quickly and plan and arrange for the arrival of the Avatars, the Rishis, Prophets and other great personalities who will also help our evolution directly and indirectly from time to time.
The world will presently pass through a period of unrest, upheaval of every kind – political and other. Leaders put their followers in confusion by changing their ideas and sides as quickly as chameleon changes its colour and thus lead the followers to chaos and confusion.
There will be many earthquakes, volcanic eruptions in some parts of the world. New islands may appear and some known islands and coastal towns may disappear. In some parts of the world, there will be a great famine on account of which people and cattle will suffer and also perish in large numbers. New diseases will take big toll of human lives.
The increase of population which may reach 9 billions or even more will make the life of every human being very miserable. Great wars will be fought causing destruction and death. The change of magnetic poles first followed by the geographic poles will also take place. The appearance of ominous comets will cause the disappearance of great men on earth. One comet is likely to collide with the earth and thus pollute earth’s atmosphere causing great damage to all beings.
People from outer space will land on earth and impart their knowledge to us. The knowledge thus acquired will help us materially and spiritually. The sun will once again get his importance and be worshipped by all as God.
During these years of change, suffering and destruction, the Atman guided by the Rishis works hard, conquers the Arishad Vargas (animal nature) and other weaknesses in man and finally will emerge out as a Divya Purusha (Light Being). In this higher state, man will stay on earth for nearly 20,000 years in the company of God.