Saturday, July 16, 2005

Observation: Contstant Trials

In my growth and desire to seek, happiness, love and healing I find that I am constantly tested in my resolve.

I have taken note of two locations within me that do not want to move with me. They my gaps, I call them gappy and gappy junior. More or less they are a couple of blockages on either side of my heart center.

Come to think of it, I have mirror blockages in my neck between my 6th and 5th Chakras.

So back to my tested resolve. It seems as though my sexuality is being tested as in my desire to be with many women. It's a animal instinct, it comes from our survival instinct and my creativity center. However, I my heart is focused on one soul and she is the only one I wish to make love to. This seems to be conflicting with how I have viewed my Self in the past. I have good control over this in physical format, however in my dreams while I travel the astral plane I find myself seduced by other women. In this state I am less conscious of my actions and I find myself engaging with these women.

I get the feeling that the parts of me that do not want to move are happy to engage while I am sleeping.

I need to bring in a new vibration to get them to move. I feel constantly tested. I seek my love, but I feel my whole being should be aligned.

I'll keep ya posted

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