Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Observation: On Desire

Ahhh desire,

Desire is an interesting topic for discussion. Desire is one thing that drives humans to act. Desire is also that which causes attachment, hat tip to Buddha and Nagarjuna.

I've found myself at an impass with regards to Love and Desire. I've blogged about my predicament before on Love, yet I seem to keep comin back to this impass.

I desire Love.

I desire others to have Love.

In fact one may say that my existence is for the purpose of spreading love.

So currently I am in love with another. Yet I am havin the darndest time communicating this feeling and I sense that it has to do with attachment to the feeling of Love itself.

So I say to myself, okay Mr. Bright guy, how you gonna work yourself around this one?

Problem with the desire to love is that the attachment is to the desire, not the Love.

So how do I get around this one. When agent and action have become one, one can move beyond duality and thus attachment. So mySelf being the agent and Love being the action, is a means for me to stop the desire/attachment. Simply put I must become LOVE, then and only then LOVE will I be.

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H~ said...

Love is interesting, at the time I was so much in love with this person, this idea, this construct I didn't even know. It wasn't until I opened my heart to another that true love could flow in between us. I love ya J~