Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dream: Meeting with The Master

I recall being located in a rather desolate locations. It seems as though the place has been ransacked by a disaster of sometime, life appears to be rather non existent. Then I look up to the sky, and I see coming from the clouds The Master. Now this is no ordinary Master, but when one thinks of The Master, it is That Master. I see him float down from the sky and land upon a rocky ledge.

Wow, I am to meet The Master. I sense that others see his decent, yet I cannot see where they may be located. I decide I should fly over to The Master. On the way, I veer ever so slightly, I am humbled by his presence and somewhat scared actually. It's not every day one meets The Master.

I gather myself and go over to him.

He tells me things about ancient experiences, yet at this time I am unable to take this information from sub- to conscious mind.

He gathers me up and I take flight with him, I do not recall where we head.

Then I am walking on a path behind him. We pass goblets, or bottle of wine I believe. I stop to have a sip. I then remember no more. While in the presence of The Master and upon the path be mindful of where you are, but follow The Master as he leads...

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