Thursday, December 29, 2005

Observation: First Chakra Vibration

An interesting thing occured the other day.

I believe it took place after a day of Kundalini Yoga, Light Body Meditation and some reading of spiritual scriptures.

okay so they are books not scriptures, but scriptures makes it sound cooler.

My Rook Chakra, my survival chakra sent forth a vibration that I was sensitive to.

I felt it pulse outwards in all directions, and what's intersting on top of that was that it was searching for a response.

What ever should respond, but my heart center or Fourth Chakra.

It was as if my 1st Chakra sent out a vibration for a response from my Heart Center, perhaps it was looking for a response from additional centers as well? Perhaps my Heart, being the balancing point needs relay vibration throughout the higher centers. Perhaps my higher centers are not yet completely accepting of my 1st Acceptance Chakra.

I haven't the direct knowledge of this activity at this time, but perhaps I should not look for results in what I observe...

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