Saturday, December 17, 2005

Observation: Phase 4 Light Body, Awakening Your Light Body

It has been a while since I posted on the Light Body. What's exciting is that I have completed the course! It has been an unbelievable uplifting in my vibratory energy rate. I can remember when session and during the meditation we finally made contact with our souls, I shed a tear for it was the first time in this lifetime I consciously made contact with my soul. It was wll needed. Anyhoot back to a description of Phase 4.

In the 4th phase we focus on 2 centers, the Fullonia and the Saha.

Fullonia- centered within the heart, it is from the Fullonia that we can operate in the "Observer Space" Rather interestingly that is what this blog is about, lots of observations. One is to follow to the smallest center of light within the heart center and there in lies the Fullonia. I do not recall at which point of my studies I came across the following concept, but I shall relay it anyway because it is currently my perception. I recall learning that there is a tiny Buddha within all of us, call it Buddha Nature. I believe I recall that within the heart there lies a tiny buddha for us all. A very cute thought if you think about it. Anyway this could simply be my own interpretation of a great many things. It is said that the Lord Buddha is watching over earth and that he is connected to all beings. I believe it is through the Fullonia center (within the heart center) that we are connected. Again, just a bunch of different lines of thought that I have strung together for a temporary truth for mySELF. Fullonia center connection with what Buddha represents.

Next center is the SaHa, in some Eastern practices the Ha represents the Har center. In Kundalini Yoga the Har is for prosperity and is a closely related to Hari (or Hari Krisna) The ha sits above the navel, the sa eqaul distant below the navel. In honestly I don't recall specifically how the SaHa functions. I believe that it is a final grounding of creativity and power (2nd and 3rd chakras) prior to going onto the dimension of the soul.

It seems as though the fullonia and the SaHa are centres within centers. When dealing with multiple dimensions this begins to come into alignment :-)

peace be a thing of beauty

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