Friday, October 07, 2005

Perspective: Heart Update

So a common topic of discussion on this blog is that of Love. For love is existence and love rides on the wings of happiness. Love is the thing that dreams are made of- that's my philosophy any way.

So in blogs of past, okay I know they are posts, but blogs sounds more fun ;-) I have stated that I am in love. Now then, the majority of us have been in love at one time or another and the majority of us have also fallen out of love.

In loving an individual I found that I had opened a certain amount of space within my Heart that was dedicated to them. Now, my love was not returned properly, so this space was not nurished, but was still present. Right now I am in the process of falling for another. So what do I find? How is it possible for me to fall out of love so quickly for another person. I find my heart is in the process of moving the first individual out of that space (for my love was not returned properly) and opening up space for another. It is kind of a strange process, for every now and then the old person pops into my mind, but more often than not it is the new love.

How is it that we can fall in and out of love so easily? I think this dates back to the glamor of love. Love of attention, or of the concept of being in love is easy. True love of an individual and their soul that takes time.

love ya

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