Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Perspective: Free Will, Fate or Destiny, & Divine Will

It is unlikely that I shall come to any conclusion or internal consensus on this topic, but it is one of much interest! Two definitions are necessary to get this party started in the right direction.

Free Will- ... our choices are ultimately up to ourselves

Destiny or Fate-... all things are set

Okay, so as a human being I like to think that I have some choices over the outcomes of my life. So I am a Free Will proponent. However, there is a concept of Divine Free Will. Now Divine Free Will = the aggregate Free Will of all individuals. That is to say all possible choices being made are at the guidance of Divine Free Will. Now that sounds like a rather lovely idea, everyone has free will, everyone is happy.

What is the difference between Divine Free Will and Desitny?

For me it is rather challenging to see one. I heard an interesting perspective last night. If destiney is involved large and obvious events in your life will be presented to you which really makes the choice a no brainer. I am partially on board here. However, I am thinkin that Divine Free Will and Destiny are ONE, if that is the case the Free Will and Destiny would be the same as well.

then there is the concept of parrallel universes, which would represent the aggregate of infinite possibilites based on choice, imagine the potentialities...

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Anonymous said...
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moonpathgirl said...

My name is Kathy M from Richmond,
Indiana. I will put the white light around you and pray.
You will be with me in my thoughts

H~ said...

Why miss Kathy, thank you ever so much for your white light! Light is All. Some say that when appropriate, pink light, does just as well as white light. It allows for more to flow to and fro :-)