Friday, October 28, 2005

Observation: Found Kindred Spirits

It would seem as though I have located some kindred spirits, or they have found me. I look forward to getting to know them, though the potential irony is present- I look forward to getting to knowing them again. I guess I look forward to remembering them ;-)

my new friend Stacey has many interesting perspectives to share. It would appear as though she is seeking enlightenment. I hope I can add some good observations.

I have often thought about "seeking enlightenment" yet I seem to always run into trouble. When one seeks enlightenment one becomes "attached" to the idea of enlightenment. Thus in the process delaying that which is sought. Now this is not saying it is wrong to seek enlightenment, enlightenment is a never ending gradual process, what's important to remember along the way is not to become attached to the results of your progress.

good times

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Stacey said...

That's a good way to put it, H! I look forward to "remembering" you, too. I'm definitely glad I've found your blog. I look forward to reading through your archives. I also look forward to your observations.

You're right. It is easy to become attached to the idea of enlightenment. Sometimes I think that is one of my problems - one of the serious obstacles I have to overcome on my journey. It is definitely something I've thought and worried about, and yet even all the thinking and worrying can be seen as obstacles, too. It can be rough finding a happy medium.

Beard said...

Hello H~

Nice to meet you.

Sounds like a good attitude. Observe the obsticals and but don't get concerned about them(compound obsticals). Sll others can be thought of as blessings because we can use them to grow.

Without obsticals we could never gain inner strength, and that is what I think this search is all about.

I'll be watching your blog.

H~ said...

Hi there Beard my friend. Thanks for visting. I agree with you, without obsticals there is not growth and without growth we cannot progress upon the path. Your comment- others can be thought of as blessings because we can use them to grow- is very revealing. We can work together, as a group to grow, the stregnths of one supporting the weakenesses of another & visa versa. Through this process it is thought that as a group we can quicken our evolution process~ good times