Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Observation: Physical Manifestation of Astral Activity

Wow that's an interesting Title- physical manifestation of Astral activity, try to say that 3 times fast :-)

If you keep up with this site you can achieve some added perspective to my new yoga site project.

I recently spoke about extracting a thorn from my yoga practice. Actually extracting a thorn from my hand.

What is not spoken of on the Kundalini Yoga site is that I believe I have observed a physical manifestation of astral activity within myself within the thorn.

In many a dreams of past, after finding my tribe, I have been assulted with arrows that strike at me, shot from the enemy. To heal myself I must pull them from my being. It seems that the spiritual warrior within me gets attached with darts, or thorns. The thorn in my hand appears to be a manifestation of that assult.

A physical manifestation that I have pulled from my body, an astral manifestation that has been healed from my being. Those thorns, oh those thorns, no longer harm me from within. Transformation of those thorns is underway.

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