Thursday, September 28, 2006

Perspective: Wisdom of Past Lives Communicated Now

It is challenging enough for me to come to terms with the types of intuition, knowledge and wisdom one has access to as they learn to work and unite with their own soul.

How the heck do you communicate it to another?

People tend to be so single life focused, based on my experience in this life time...take my guidance or direction...

How does one go about saying, "I am pulling from a set pool of knowledge that lies beyond this sinlge lifetime instance" I respect and appreciate your perspective, but I must disagree.

Sounds great, and sure I can say that, but ya know what, at this time people are not gonna listen to that message.

Perhaps I am simply speaking to the wrong people.

With free will it is ones choice to listen or not. Perhaps I am doing too much speaking and not enough listening....

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amber silverstar said...

I clear people of haunting energies and often this includes understanding their past lives. There was a time when communicating my work met with rejection, objection and confusion. When I looked into my own soul and saw what I could be rejecting, objecting and confused about, I then realized others were only reflecting back to me what I needed to accept, be clear about and focused on. Now where ever I go, to whom ever I speak, I always seem to have the right words to explain, to help and to share. I tell all people that everything is energy and information to give them the tools to live their chosen destiny. It is their mission if they choose. I have made my choices and those choices include understanding the dimensional realms of other life times, spirits, and transpersonal communicatins from the world of dreams. Best wishes to you. If you have further questions, you can reach me at or Thank you for sharing.

H~ said...

Thanks for the comment Amber, sounds like you do some very interesting work! I like your line of thought that suggests we are seeing a reflection of the things our selves are not willing to accept. be well