Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Observation: Channeling can be Fun!

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to participate in a Channeling session conducted by Jeremy Anacker at Madison's local Mimosa store.

Jeremy works with Affinity and the Institute of Self Awareness.

So what is channeling?

Basically there is a host body that channels in a specific energy, which is then able to communicate throug the host's body. The specific energy can be a single entity or that of many, perhaps with multiple aspects.

Jeremy works with the Conglomerate- which is essentailly a network of great beings who consciousness levels have surpassed humans and operate some what as an integrated unit. Apparently when Jeremy came into incarnation, or through some arrangement made in this life time he agreed to a certain number of channeling sessions. I suspect it helps him to fulfill his dharma and balance his karma, but that's just my suspicion.

I have to admit at first I was very skeptical about this event, I mean come on, this dude is goig to leave his body and some other spirit is gonna chat with us?? (he actually went to a heaven like location where spirits don't need to consume because they are complete beings in and of themselves.) Upon going out on the tunes of a singing bowl the session began. My first impression was like, what is this all about, he seemed a little hmm over dramatic I guess.

But I kept an open mind. I have read channeled material in the past, so was very open to what it could offer.

In time I came to realize, that even if he was being some what dramatic, there was no way he rehearsed the information he presented to us that day. It was way too abstract, yet interactive at the same time. My skeptisizm was minimized upon the channeling in of the Nova, or second entity from the Conglomerate. The Nove carried with it a profound energy which I could sense, thanks light body work and Kundalini Yoga for increasing my awareness to energy.

The group was told to be mindful of our awareness and that we may see in the coming times a sense of unity when the world as a whole sees a sense of clashing. Severel other messages were told in the group setting as well. I have noticed a slightly different perspective on things since the event, its kind of hard to write about though one really must experience for themselves.

I guess my point is to be open to things you may first be skeptical about and a channeling sessoin can be fun!

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Mikel said...

Hello H,

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