Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Perspective: Don't forget to Laugh

On my beautiful trip to Sedona, i just so happened to meet another guide along my path. I am fortunate to have many in this incarnation. What's funny is that in all likely hood these guides have been a part of my journey in past incarnations, ancient karmic ties are strong.

His name is Victor and he pleasantly reminded me of a couple of things.

1. I truely love the one I am journeying with now
2. One must heal themselves before they can heal others
3. I gotta remember to laugh

At times I take things too seriously, lots of times, but at my core I am a lover of life. All beings are innately lovers of life. It is this love which transcends all manifestation.

And a key to this enjoyment of life is laughter.

I love to laugh, ha ha ha ha. And will continue to share my laughter with the love of my life, my family, my friends and all whom I happen upon in this beautiful journey.

Be sure to contact Victor should you visit a Sedona Vortex

Healing benefits of laughter did you know there was
an ancient Oriental healing technique that used laughter to boost healing energy

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