Thursday, February 02, 2006

Perspective: Secret of Life is Ice Cream

This is a great perspective from my mother-

The secret of live

I figured out the secret to life this morning.

It’s ice cream.

Nick was driving past the old Dairy Queen on Raymond Road this morning. 2 of my boys went to day care next door to Dairy Queen. I said some of my favorite memories were in the van with them going through the drive thru at Dairy Queen at the end of a day. There was so much joy in their sweet smiles.

Then I remembered Dad last night commenting on how he loves ice cream and he was smiling, telling my boy he’ll even pay for the ice cream if he brings him more. It gave Dad pure joy in telling the story of him stopping by for a visit and bringing ice cream.

It’s ice cream.

We can go through our lives looking and seeking, but ice cream is the joy of life.

I was sharing my new philosophy with my friend this morning. She got chills as she told me when they brought her dad home to die from the hospital last year, he asked for ice cream. It was the last thing he ate before he died.

So when you’re having a difficult day or feeling down, just remember ice cream.

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