Monday, January 23, 2006

Perspective: Tools from God

In my travels to Arizona I came across a lady, who felt down on her luck to say the least. Some famil life circumstances had put her in a position where she felt "God
didn't give me the tools to deal with this. I go to church every Sunday..."

I found this comment rather interesting and unfortunate. I listened to her as best I could and said that sometimes we are faced with certain challenges in order to grow. Yet her comment stuck with me.

God has given us "Free WILL" and with this Will we are able to choose our own paths. I do belive that all the tools necessary to deal with life's ups and downs are right before our eyes we simply need to implement them.

Kundalini Yoga, any sort of Yoga for that matter, is one of those tools.

I suggest many use it :-)

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