Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Iravian Temple and 2012

Okay so long time no post, that's cause I have real life and another blog I've been focusing on.

Speaking of the other blog, I've just posted a great pic and some more insights that build toward the events of 2012.

Check it out via my journey to the Hindu Temple in Kauai

You can also check out the pic on the Spirits Awaken Flickr page.

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Michael said...

Choosing Happiness - Ilchi Lee
“Many people feel that they can only be happy and peaceful when they are given the right circumstances and conditions. However, we can be at peace and be content in this moment now, at this place now. This is our choice. There is nothing that is blocking this choice. Only our thoughts are obscuring this choice. Why can’t we be content and happy without conditions? Enlightenment is a choice that continues from instant to instant, from moment to moment.” This is also how TeamIdeate lives their corporate life. Ilchi Lee is the one that said this! - SRV