Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lion in Life- Lion in Dream

I've recently been given a very important Kundalini Yoga Spiritual Name, important for my Self development i should say.

Krishan Singh

What's interesting is that the Singh portion of my name means Lion of God.

Now my grandfater has recently passed away, he was a very special man in my life. As a young child my father left, and Grandpa was my positive male role model that I followed. I love him very much, and miss his physical presence, but back to my story.

Turns out that my mother recently had a dream. She was at his place and saw a Lion on their couch. It looked like the Lion had a baby in his arms, but when she walked over she saw the baby was my Grandfater. She said, Dad a Lion has you. Grandpa and the Lion then looked up, and both smiled. The Lion licked grandpa's face. They were very safe and happy.

I did play a role in helping my grandfater to transition to the next phase of his journey, many of us did, but this dream coming at the time when my spiritual name is given to me, is very interesting...

Krishan Singh

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Sophia said...

Hi H~

Thanks for sharing your dream with us. It is interesting how your mother dreamed of the lion at about the same time you were given a name which means the lion of God. Based on the context, I take it that she did not know of your name change before having this dream?