Thursday, March 22, 2007

Powers of Prediction, were off

Okay so I just watched the Celestine Prophecy movie, and I am sad to say that my previous prediction was way off in regards to this movie.

The movie sucked, I mean really really sucked. The book was sooooo good, I thought the movie just had to be good. Well it wasn't.

Don't watch the movie.

Do read the book. The messages are still sound.

but the movie sucked.

The messages are what are important.


Rebecca & said...

I saw the movie as well... it is unfortunate that something that has so much truth and such a powerful message can't be promoted properly. I second this post... read the book everyone! You won't regret it.


Bill White said...

Having both read the book and seen the movie, I'd concur with you that the movie, while I didn't really thing it sucked, certainly left me wanting for more.

The mistake is ever expecting Hollywood to get it right, more often than not, they just don't get it. They cater to the commercial appeal rather than the substance of the tale they are portraying.

I'll have to point out though that the subject of synchronicity and destiny was long established before the Celestine Prophecy was ever written, it's a subject I've studied for 3 decades and is my area of expertise.

The positive light of the movie being released is that at the very least, people who aren't inclined to read at least got enough to make them curious.

I felt very similar about the Peaceful Warrior movie. (Which totally left out the business card concept in the book which was my favorite part!)

Bill White